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Web Design

Enhance Your Business Image With Web Site.

Your web site helps your business in many different ways. Consider your business image for a moment.

Advertising your web address on your print ads, business cards and brochures will most surely corroborate your business image.

Your web site can be simple and specific, or it could go further and show your potential customer what you truly have to offer. You can show detailed price lists, products pictures or detailed description of your services. Create contests, present Internet-only offers, show your satisfied clients. The opportunities are unlimited, your business image rises.

Remeber that people conceive a business with a web site as a business in touch with today. If designed properly, web site gives your company an instant credibility. Many clients will look forward to browsing your web site for more information before deciding on your company. Many of them won't even consider your company if it does not have a web site, they choose the one which answers their questions online.

Our success is based on meticulous planning combined with experienced programmers, artists and marketing experts allowing us to develop solutions that meet and exceed the objectives of the customer.

Our formula for your success is simple: Marketing Strategy + Creativity + Technical Skill = Great Web Site.

There's simply no substitute for these essential constituents: A creative mind guiding the artistic design of the site backed by highly skilled software programmers to power it. You get the best of these worlds with our design team.

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Whether your Internet project is large or small, our web design methodology will always contains these critical elements:

- Your product, service, concept or ideology.

We examine in detail whatever it is that you are hoping to promote or achieve. This is where we research features, benefits to your target audience, and potential problems that might occur later. This is the most important stage of the design process since everything derives from its results.

- Your typical customers.

We will research your typical customers (or your ideal target customer, if needed). Do they belong to a typical market "value segment"? What are the things that are important to them? What "style" do they respond to? Funky? Conservative? Friendly? What problems does your product or service solve for them? What need or want does it fulfil?

- Competition.

What does your competition do better than you? What do you do better than them? What can you offer your customers that they can't/don't? Why do your customers prefer to deal with you? This process helps to determine what sets you apart from everybody else in your line of business.

- Goal of the website.

Exactly what action do you want your site visitors to take? Do you want them to place an order, join your email newsletter, request your freebie, generate a sales query, etc. They must do SOMETHING. What are the primary and secondary objectives?

- Key search phrases.

This process may establish 25-50 potential "search phrases" or words that your ideal prospect might use to find your product in a search engine like Google or Yahoo! We establish these now so that they can be worked into the text, headings and navigation links on your site. This gives you a head-start in achieving high rankings and a much better chance of being found by your prospects when they use a search engine to find your product.

- Design and usability.

Establish the look and feel, design the structure and navigation while complying with accepted usability standards.

- Offline marketing.

How will the offline and online aspect complement or help each other?

- Write the words.

We'll start with some of your existing marketing material and improve it with what we have learned from all the steps above. Then we'll read it again and fix it and improve it some more.

- Choose the images.

Carefully chosen photography must enhance your message or inform in its own right.

- Build and code.

Then and only then does page construction and coding begin.

- Test.

We test the browser compatibility, navigation, forms, links and database programming.

- Usability testing.

This can be as simple as creating some "tasks" for a novice user to carry out on the website, monitoring for problem areas, bottlenecks and confusion. Large, complex websites should invest in a detailed usability study to eliminate stumbling-blocks. The goal is to ensure a straightforward, plain-sailing website which leads your prospect directly to the response you're aiming for.

- Revise.

Revise where necessary as a result of the usability test and client feedback.

- Launch.

Your web site goes live.

- Acceptance testing.

This is usually a short period after launch in which the client may ask for amendments (but not major changes outside of the original scope) at no charge. The length of time appropriate for acceptance testing will depend on the size, complexity, and technology architecture of the web site.

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