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Market Research

Effective market research results in more information and information reduces risk in decision-making. exyria Studies Market Research Plan can help you to reduce risk by asking the right questions. We help you to decide what information is needed to help make more reasonable decisions without spending unnecessary time and money.

Our Market Research Plan will list the information components using internal, external, position, decision and forecast information. We find that often, the information to make decisions is already within your organization.

The market research process is complex, can be expensive and needs to be managed carefully. We match types of research against types of information need. Successful decisions are affected by the quality of the information used, which, in turn, is affected by the quality of the whole research process.

First, we determine what information is necessary. Then we draw up a list of possible internal sources of information matched against specific information needs. We consider sales reports, customer complaints, summaries of press clippings, annual reports and financial statements to start.

Next we consider external sources. Many times, we find that someone else has already done the work. For example, non-profit organizations, associations and universities often publish reliable data at inexpensive costs. However, we exercise caution with other people's information until its reliability is tested.

The next step is the application of specific methods, such as in-depth discussions or focus groups, to know the real reasons why buyer buy or don't buy, like or dislike products, services, advertisements and more.

Then we apply specific methods with hard data, including statistics buy v. not buy, like v. dislike, aware v. unaware, etc.

We have developed confidence in our common sense abilities by observing, asking, listening, talking and understanding your company and its employees.

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